New to online share dealing?

If you’re new to the world of investing, getting started can seem daunting at first. But we at Raah Financials make the whole experience quick and hassle-free for you, no matter how much you invest.

From answering any questions you might have to guiding you through every step of the process, the information in this section will help you take the first steps to building a successful investment portfolio.


Q. Who can open an account?

An Indian resident individual who is over 18.

Q. How do I open an account?

When you are ready to open an account with us just call on 080 4963 5555.

Q. How do I place my orders?

Trading can be done via the phone or by coming in person to our Investor centre or by calling us. The dealer after checking the authenticity of the person calling and after checking the margin available in the account would put/enter the order into the stock exchange system.

Q. How do I close my account?

You may instruct us to close your account verbally unless assets are held or controlled by us, when we will require this in writing.

If the account is in joint names we will need written confirmation from both parties.

Q. What is Dividend?

Dividend is the part of profit distributed by the company among its investors. It is usually declared as a percentage of the paid-up value or face value of the share.

Q. What is a Bonus Share?

A Share issued by companies to their shareholders free of cost by capitalization of accumulated reserves from the profits earned in the earlier years.

Q. What shares can I buy?

You can buy the shares that are listed on the recognized Indian Stock Exchanges.

Q. Whom should I contact for my Stock Market related transactions?

To be able to buy or sell shares in the stock markets a client would need to be registered with us.

Q. What is a Member–Client Agreement Form?

This form is an agreement entered into between client and broker in the presence of witnesses wherein the client agrees to trade/invest in the securities listed on the concerned Exchange through the broker after being satisfied of broker’s capabilities to deal in the same.

Q. What is meant by bullish and bearish trend?

When the market goes up it is called a bullish trend and when the market goes down it is called a bearish trend.

Q. What is a Contract Note?

Contract Note is a confirmation of trades done on a particular day on behalf of the client.

The Contract Note would show settlement number, order number, trade number, time of trade, quantity and price of the trades, brokerage charged, etc.

Q. What is pay-in day and pay-out day?

Pay-in day is the day when the broker shall make payment or delivery of securities to the exchange. Pay-out day is the day when the exchange makes payment or delivery of securities to the client through the broker.

Q. What are the rights of the investor?

The right to get – Proof of price/brokerage charged, Money/shares on time, Statement of Accounts and Contract Note from trading member.

Q. What are the obligations of the investor?

The obligation to – Sign a proper Member-Constituent Agreement, Possess a valid contract or purchase/sale note, make payment on time to get margin before trade.

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