“Raah”- Literally meaning direction, path is the apt name for a company that envisions showing the direction to a financial pinnacle. Established in 2013,Raah Financials is founded by Rahul Bansal, who has been engaged in the market for years and won accolades for his unsurpassed knowledge of the market.

At Raah, we’ve always been driven to chart our own unique history. Our forward-looking approach has led to the creation of wildly unique client opportunities and a record of steady and a consistent growth.With Raah’s vision, expertise and insight, supported by a team of people with over a decade of expertise in the financial realm, Raah Financials seeks to bring in a revolution in the way people go about their investment and financial health.

Crafted to suit a variety of investment styles and risk profiles, our products are designed for you. We service customers ranging from retail to institutions with a suite of products to choose from. While the stronghold of Raah financials is stock broking, we will offer equally top-of-the-line services in the overall financial realm, such as, insurance, portfolio management, property and consulting. We are committed to constantly fine tune our products and services to ensure a successful relationship with our investors.

Making your money work harder is what we are here for and what we do best. Our time-tested investment principles, which have prudently built wealth for several clients, are implemented and backed with the highest degree of integrity.

We expand the possibilities of your investment strategies to fully realize your investment potential.

So, give us a call or write to us or just walk in to our office, and let Raah, lead you to your financial success you could only dream of.

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